About Fleur

With FLEUR, no design is impossible. From sizing adjustments to custom colors to a completely custom design, our skilled artisans can create almost anything you can imagine.

  • Create a world of your own.

    FLEUR is an imaginative interiors atelier designing eccentric, playful and customizable home products from the heart of New Orleans. A hand-cut edge, a splash of bold color, a touch of the unexpected — we believe that it doesn’t take much to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

  • Look within

    We are inspired by all the whimsy and wonder that New Orleans has to offer, from the age of Art Deco to Victorian-Era sophistications to the current vibrance that surrounds us daily. We encourage you to bring some of that magic to your own home, and build a world of your own creation. Whatever you dream up, we can make; always 100% customizable and handmade in America.

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