Our Favorite Dreamers: Lisa Henderson

Our Favorite Dreamers

Lisa Henderson

BUSINESS NAME: Lisa Henderson Interiors
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

What drew you to work with Fleur?
The detailed craftsmanship of the products and the customization makes each piece special and unique. The bamboo mirror is one of my personal favorites to include in my designs, but I love all the styles!

Tell us a bit about your experience with Fleur?
I love finding opportunities to partner with new and exciting brands. Fleur is always so great to work alongside and the creativity behind their pieces give me new ideas for adding another detailed layer to my design work.

What product did you end up choosing? Tell us about your creation/design process.
I selected the vanity mirror that we collaborated with Fleur and used my own Lisa Henderson Textile print, Mark in French Blue! I’m a big fan of incorporating colorful, one-of-a-kind pieces into my designs and this mirror definitely did the trick. It goes to show that even the smallest details go a long way. I so appreciate Fleur asking me to contribute to the collection.

"I love sourcing unique pieces for my clients and Fleur offers the perfect collection of mirrors to incorporate in my designs!"

–Lisa Hendersoninterior designer

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