Our Favorite Dreamers: Amy Berry

Our Favorite Dreamers

Amy Berry

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

Your design work is imbued with such femininity, how do you embrace this quality and thread it into the fabric of your projects and shop?
The shop really is an extension of what I love. It evolved out of a need that I saw in my design projects, usually at the end of a project needing the little things that shouldn't have been hard to source or find quickly... but were. Little lamps and tables, things that make all the difference but aren't always right there at your fingertips when you need them. The shop became a little creative laboratory of my own, filled to the brim with things I liked simply because I liked them. I remember opening and holding my breath, hoping anyone liked those things too! I'm still surprised at what people come to us for... pretty lampshades are among our best selling items. I see femininity woven in the details of a lot of what I do, whether it ends up being feminine or not... the little details I care so much about, trimmings and patterns matching... there's a feminine quality in the details, but I care an awful lot about those little details. 

Reflecting on your design trajectory so far, what experiences have inspired you to dream without inhibition? 
The shop really gave me a vehicle to explore some things creatively, in a moment I needed it. I love getting to work with clients, and I love what it has allowed me to explore creatively designing homes that weren't my own. I always designed in a way that ultimately reflected the client, but with the shop I became the client in a sense which was great fun. I saw success with showhouse projects when I really could push some limits without needing the same approvals a normal project would require, and with that I was able to push the limits some with our custom work. We brought all our custom furniture in house about 3 years ago, and that's been another "baby" of mine. I love to draw, I draw for our projects and I draw the custom furniture we do... with the store and some showhouse projects though I was able to try some new things in the custom world and I have loved every minute of that. I've also loved being able to make those things accessible with the shop, and we have some things in the works that I'm excited to share with our new location. So, stay tuned =) 

What drew you to your Fleur mirror and what does it bring to your space? 
I love this Fleur mirror for a lot of reasons. I have followed along watching artist Riley Sheehey's career, several years ago actually she did the sweetest watercolor of my daughter Sutton off an instagram post of mine actually. She helped design my little sister's wedding invitations this past year too!  I love anything with a scallop and the personal touches of Riley's flowers on it are really special. I have it in my bedroom, in this new little home that's a fresh start for us. I love that this mirror was made lovingly by two women I admire. Decorating this new home for the three of us has been such fun for a lot of reasons, I love being surrounded with things I love and this mirror is most definitely one of them!

"I love that this mirror was made lovingly by two women I admire."

–Amy Berryinterior designer

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